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What is it?

3 month supply of professional grade nutrients, substrate and calibration solutions

How does it work?

this pay-as-you-go subscription is billed and delivered automatically every 3 months

Bigger Savings

save $800 annually with our recurring order discount and reduced shipping costs

Subscribe, Save, Grow

Subscribe, Save, Grow

The Combo Kit includes a 3 month supply of our Farmhand Nutrients, exclusive Coco & Peat Moss Grow Plugs, and professional grade calibration and cleaning solutions. Billed and delivered automatically every 3 months, you'll save $800 or more annually through discounts and reduced shipping costs. Subscribe now to gain peace of mind knowing you can focus on growing what matters most.


Keep it simple, Keep it stocked.

Farmhand Supply Kits. Streamlined fulfillment for professional growers.

Farmhand Nutrients