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Essentials Kit

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What's Included:
  • farmhand® form 14-0-0, (1) 5 lb.
  • farmhand grow 12-2-39, (1) 5 lb.
  • farmhand boost 14-0-39, (1) 5lb.
  • Peat + Coco Grow Plugs, (1) Case of 3,250
  • 2.77 EC Calibration Solution, 8oz.
  • 4.0 pH Calibration Solution, 8oz.
  • 7.0 pH Calibration Solution, 8oz.
Optimized Yields

This hydroponic supply kit includes our 3-part granular farmhand nutrient blend to support stronger yields, exclusive Coco & Peat Moss Grow Plugs designed for optimized root growth and high-grade scientifically formulated calibration solutions to keep your grow operations running smoothly. Designed to last for one month of hydroponic growing in Freight Farms LGM™, Greenery™ and Greenery S; compatible with other systems. Available as a one time purchase or monthly subscription. Never miss a harvest with recurring orders delivered straight to your door.

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