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Farmhand Form & Grow

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Promote plant structure and vegetative development with this bundle of our essential farmhand form and grow nutrients. As a pair, these formulas provide a complete nutritional program for a wide variety of crops. Form provides a balanced ratio of nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium to promote cell tissue and structure, while grow promotes even growth throughout vegetative development.

  • Contains 1 (5 lb.) bag farmhand form and 1 (5 lb.) bag farmhand grow
  • Concentrated granular formulas designed as an A+B solution
  • Functions as a humectant to reduce clogging of irrigation lines
  • Farmhand form Nutrient Complement: 14-0-0, 14.0% Ca, 3.5% Mg
  • Farmhand grow Nutrient Complement: 5-15-34, 2.0% S
  • Tailored specifically for use in Greenery™ S, Greenery, and LGM farms; compatible with other systems

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