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Cutting Edge Solutions pH Up

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Raise pH with this highly concentrated pH Up for rapid pH adjustment. An alkaline buffer in the liquid raises the pH of water and nutrient solutions.

To use, slowly add to pure water or nutrient solution in small intervals and stir well. Test pH. Repeat until the desired pH is achieved. Note that the amount of CES pH Up required for adjustment will vary depending on the strength of your nutrient mixture and the purity of your water source.

  • Farmhand® nutrients are specifically designed to be used with CES pH Up
  • Compatible with the Greenery™ S, Greenery and LGM Freight Farms
  • Highly concentrated
  • Use conservatively
  • May be diluted when applied to reservoir with nutrients
  • Designed for use with plants
  • No artificial dyes
  • Comes in cases of (12) 1 qt. bottles or (4) 1 gal. bottles
  • This is a hazardous material and is required to be shipped on a pallet
  • Customs broker required for Canadian imports

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