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farmhand® bloom 2-26-41

Original price BS$71.00
Original price BS$71.00 - Original price BS$71.00
Original price BS$71.00
Current price BS$55.00
BS$55.00 - BS$55.00
Current price BS$55.00

farmhand bloom 2-26-41 is a high-phosphorus and potassium water-soluble product designed to improve nutrient conditions for better overall plant yield and flowering. It is intended for use as a supplement to farmhand form.

farmhand bloom, when paired with form, rounds out our complete nutritional program for the vegetative and flowering phases through fast-acting, natural sources of nutrients high in phosphorous. High phosphate levels encourage early flowering and fruit set for most flowering and fruiting crops.

  • Tailored specifically for use in Greenery™ S, Greenery, and LGM farms; compatible with other systems
  • Concentrated granular formula designed to be diluted and mixed with farmhand form
  • Farmhand form sold separately
  • Functions as a humectant to reduce clogging of irrigation lines
  • Nutrient Complement: 2-26-41
  • 5 lb. (2.27 kg) bag

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