SXL-F Optical High/Low Liquid Level Control Kit, Filling

Electronic optical "liquid level control system" for filling includes two liquid sensors for high and low set point control of fluids. Only power and a valve or relay is required to complete the level control system. Compatible with 5-24Vdc valves and relays. Available with optional RX1 outlet kit for direct control of 120Vac pumps, valves and other equipment.

Electronic optical liquid sensors are durable, have no moving parts and are easy to maintain. LED illuminates body to indicate when they are activated. Other intelligent functions include "stable state" switching to detect splashing, one-second output debounce and error indication.


The low-level sensor turns on a pump or valve to operate until the high-level sensor is activated. SXL-2 and SXL-2S sensors combine to form the liquid level control system. Sensors may be installed using the 1/4" NPT thread or with the included o-ring and nut for thin-walled tanks.

How it Works

When the sensor tip is dry, infrared light from an emitter is internally reflected back to to a receiver. When the tip is wet, the majority of the light from the emitter escapes the tip into the fluid reducing the reflection to the receiver. A microcontroller drives the emitter, monitors the receiver and operates the output according to the model selected.

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