SXHM GrowControl™ Hydroponics Monitor with Probes

GrowControlTM SXHM is a precision digital sensor transmitter and monitor featuring temperature, pH, and conductivity sensors for water. An oxidation reduction potential or dissolved oxygen sensor input is optional. Bright color display and 3-button interface make this unit capable of operating stand-alone for sensor monitoring. Precision digital electronics with isolated probe inputs accurately read and record sensor data. Internal memory logs 21,600 data points for months or years of storage. Accurate real-time-clock with battery backup keeps log time accurate during power outages.

Full color display screen features large, bright green sensor readings for easy visibility, plus a range of functions that can be performed directly from the menus including:

  • High/low history
  • Graphical history
  • Alarm set points
  • Sensor calibration
  • Data logging options

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