GC-ProXL Control System

The most flexible, advanced control solution that modern, demanding growers can depend on for reliability and ease of operation. Manage, monitor, and control all aspects of your climate equipment and hydroponics systems including automatic dosing. A built-in industrial grade micro-processor contains all of the user's settings, reads the attached sensors and then turns equipment on or off automatically.

Includes a precision aspirated climate sensor for air temperature, humidity and light irradiance.
AgrowTouchTM touch screen, RX/CX Relays, AgrowDoseTM pumps, and additional Sensors and options are not included.

The GrowControlTM GC-ProXL control system is availble in different models with unique control functions tailored to specific applications.

GC-ProXL Standard Model Up to three (3) climate zones, two (2) zones each with hydroponics dosing for up to eight (8) parts plus two (2) pH.
GC-ProXL-C Greenhouse Model Up to two (2) climate zones with eight (8) vent/shade motor controls and other greenhouse functions.
GC-ProXL-Q Quad Zone Climate Only Model Up to four (4) climate zones with basic climate, lighting and timer controls (no dosing controls.)

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