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COVID-19 Service Updates
COVID-19 Service Updates

Combo Kit

Original price $1,075.00 - Original price $1,075.00
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$1,075.00 - $1,075.00
Current price $1,075.00

Better Yields

The Combo Kit includes a 3 month supply of our Farmhand Nutrients and our exclusive Coco & Peat Moss Grow Plugs to optimize your yields.

Healthy Plants

Professional grade calibration and cleaning solutions to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Bigger Savings

Billed and delivered automatically every 3 months, you'll save $800 or more annually through discounts and reduced shipping costs. You can manage your subscription at anytime through your Farmhand Shop customer portal.

What's Included:

  • farmhand form 14-0-0, (3) 5lb
  • farmhand grow 5-15-4, (2) 5lb
  • Coco & Peat Moss Grow Plugs, (2) Cases of 6500
  • 2.77 EC Calibration Solution (8oz)
  • 4.0 pH Calibration Solution (8oz)
  • 7.0 pH Calibration Solution (8oz)
  • pH Down (1gal)
  • pH Up (1qt)
  • Zerotol HC, (2gal)