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Farmhand Grow RO

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Farmhand grow RO is a balanced water-soluble product designed to provide even growth throughout vegetative development. With a lower amount of nitrogen than farmhand grow, it is designed to be used with a higher rate of form, and is meant for use in reverse osmosis treated water. Farmhand grow RO contains a proprietary biodegradable nutrient availability enhancer that has been researched and agronomically proven to increase yields in over 900 trials and over 40 crops across the world. Due to its molecular structure, this nutrient availability enhancer has the ability to function as a humectant, which results in reduced precipitation in irrigation water, and thereby the clogging and plugging of irrigation lines and emitters. The combined result of form and grow RO offers a complete nutritional program tailored specially for use in the Greenery, Greenery S and LGM for a wide variety of crops. Farmhand form sold separately.

Net Weight 5lbs / 2.27kg

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