Fertmax Grow A & B

Hefty harvests start with strong foundations. The Fertmax Grow series is a 2-part vegetative nutrient formula that offers a diverse blend of macronutrients, micronutrients, and trace minerals. The mineral ratios found in this series help facilitate vital plant developmental processes including photosynthesis, healthy respiration, and strong root growth. Fertmax Grow includes an increased level of nitrogen that is readily available to plants right out of the bottle; no additional products are needed to allow plants to uptake the nutrients found in this duo. Fertmax Grow features the following additional benefits:

Use equal parts of Grow A & B during the vegetative stage of growth.
Specifically blended to encourage vertical growth, rapid root growth, strong stems and branches, increased number and surface area of fan leaves that are both rich and deep in color.
Exceptionally pH stable
Easy to use
100% solubility rating. Blended to maximum concentration without sacrificing solubility. None of the ingredients will fall out of solution when used properly.
No added dyes or perfumes. Every bottle of Fertmax is pure and free of any impurities.

Total volume is 1 part A, 1 part B. For example 5 gallons is 2.5 Gal of Part A, and 2.5 Gal of Part B. 

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